You want to design and build

You are a Plant Manager, Production Manager, Industrial Designer
and you have a project of design and integration or innovation. You want to design a product such as:

Special Machine

Vous souhaitez Concevoir une Machine Spéciale? Vous avez besoin d'une machine de production conçue sur mesure pour les besoins spécifiques de votre entreprise industrielle ou unité de production?

Test Bench

Do you want to improve and re-design an old test bench? You want to design a test bench to put a product in conditions Parameterizable and controlled use to observe and measure its behavior?

Robot / Cobot

Want to install a Robot Arm? Improve the productivity of a work area? Automate a repetitive and time-consuming task?

Complete equipment and mechanical subassembly

A need to install a complete equipment or mechanical subassembly? You want to improve a old workstation by installing or new equipment? You want to bring innovation on a production machine by the integration of a mechanical or electronic subassembly?

Specific tooling

Do you want to create or install new tools to facilitate the work of your operators? You constantly innovate your production process, you need to evolve the tooling often

Product / Prototype

Do you want to make a Prototype from a proof of concept? You have validated an idea of ​​innovation or you have already created a first proof of concept and you wish today to realize a product well designed?

Our Offer

Design and Realize the solutions you need

3D MECA is an engineering company specialized in the design and manufacture of mechanical and robotic equipment

We help manufacturers to improve and make more efficient their production environment by creating innovative products and services with the aim of increasing their productivity and enable them to free themselves of the time, resources and money to invest in innovation and their core business

What we bring you

3D MECA is a design office in mechanical design that accompanies you from concept to industrialization
Our design office will deliver the deliverables you need such as: Functional specifications, Digital mockup, Dimension chain file, Plan file and nomenclature, Technical justification file
3D MECA is your engineering design office. Contact our mechanical study office for make your 3D drawings and 2D plans of a scientific and / or technical nature

  • Mechanical Design Engineering
  • Achievements
  • Technical writing

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You choose the mode of operation that suits you, either on a fee or on a flat rate basis. In control, an Engineer or Draftsman is detached at home. In the package, we take care of developing your project in our premises


We do our best to deliver you as soon as possible


All our Engineers and Draughtsmen are passionate and committed, we guarantee you quality work


We are committed to always offer you the most competitive offers on the market

Our Misssion

Deploy passionate energy to offer you ever more exceptional products and services